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Thanksgiving Memory

“Are you ready?” He smiled at me as I climbed in and he shut the door. “Uh-huh!” I glanced at him so that he wouldn’t see the terror in my eyes. Calm down! He’s not taking you to jail. And he pulled the patrol car out of the driveway. “I’m probably not going to write any […]

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Tiny Bubbles

  Have you ever seen a toddler play with bubbles for the first time? Their fascination is captivating. They follow and chase the free-floating orbs with euphoria. A small round ball, a tiny bubble drops and every ounce of attention focuses. With arm outstretched, they waddle hurriedly to capture and claim the treasure. The bubble […]

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What am I doing here?

Did Joseph ever forsake the dreams and visions of his youth? There he sits, in a jail cell in Egypt. Being sold into slavery was bad enough but to then be thrown into prison unjustly? I wonder if there were any conversations like this… “OK God. Just checking to see if you got my new […]

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