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P is for partially blind

An outing to the zoo the other day warranted the taking of many pictures. My girls quickly took control of all picture taking devices and began to document our adventure. The above photo is one from that day. Can you tell what it is? Yeah, me neither. After close inspection, I have made out some […]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Panic. Temper. Strain. Depression. Several years ago, I had no idea how four letters could turn someone‚Äôs life upside down. Today is my wedding anniversary. Thirteen years ago I married an amazing man. I envisioned having beautiful children and a beautiful life. For many years that is exactly what we had […]

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Can you spot the flowers?   To conclude our mission trip to Mexico we had a time of sharing. Highlights. Challenges. One of my teammates shared the profound. She was struck by the amount of hope demonstrated in unexpected ways. At first glance, all that could be seen was poverty. But as the days progressed, […]

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