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Two Sides

At some point or other, we all experience change. But change wears many masks. Like the two faces of the theatre. Comedy and tragedy. There’s the category we call good. Falling in love. Winning the lottery. And then there’s the bad. Sickness. Losing money in the stock market. We grow up believing that the two […]

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Collateral Damage

Death danced outside our door again. His fingers long and reach beyond the body that they claim.  When my husband got home last night, he shared about his day. It began with a roll-over of a van full of kids and ended with a ninety-year old man being struck and killed by a motorist. He […]

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End of Watch

17 Alexander is 17. His father, Officer Youngstrom of the California Highway Patrol, was shot in the head on Tuesday. He made a traffic stop in Walnut Creek. Just doing his job. Maybe that morning, Alexander’s dad drove him to school. Maybe the night before, they had talked about who gets to use the car […]

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